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I am currently working as a Unix Administrator for the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan.   After recently moving back to Ann Arbor (I grew up here), I got interested in the UMSC as a place to hang out and do some sailing.  I've sailed forever, my dad has had a couple different boats over the years.  We started out on a Vandestadt & McGruer Spindrift, a 13.4' flat bottom dingy.  My dad then got an O'Day 19' Daysailer. Before he sold the Spindrift, I got a chance to sail it on my own out at Gull Lake while I was a student at Western Michigan as a member of the Sailing Club & Team.  I found it to be a first class heavy wind boat.  It was a bit ofSnowMan a dog in lighter winds though, not very fast.  The O'Day is a much bigger boat and can accommodate more people.  Unfortunately, it doesn't encourage sailing too close to the edge, due to it's lack of hiking straps and an unfortunate teak rail that is uncomfortable to sit on.  

I've been doing pottery now for a few years. I've been pretty lax about posting pictures of my pottery, but you can see some of my pottery on my art page.   I've been doing improv for a couple years too. Some other hobbies you will find on my hobbies page are some of my current computer projects and eventually I'll get up pictures and links for American Flyer and S-Guage toy/model trains.  I will probably add more subjects as time goes on.

The local Ann Arbor News's comics page leaves much to be desired, and my searches have found that the online world holds a myriad of cool and unusual comics.  None of which are here. My Comics page (after I've finished it) has daily comic strips I like that show up in most other newspapers I've seen, but not the Ann Arbor News. As time goes on, I will try to add links to other, less commercially oriented Manga and like minded serious stuff, but that may be a ways off.

I like photography and purchased a digital camera some time ago that I play with from time to time and took with my on my recent vacation to Sweden.  Right now my photo page is horribly disorganized and I just threw all the photos from my camera there and haven't done anything with them yet, some are still not in the right orientation.  I hope to organize some time to fix that in the near future.  

I spent many happy weeks growing up in my family's camp in Vermont.  When the local industry was sold to a larger corporation in the early 1920s my great-grandfather, the factory manager at the time (I think), bought the local vacation property owned by the company.  I feel very fortunate to be able to call that place home for a good portion of my life (well at least on vacation).  I'll include postcards of the lake we're on as well as pictures of some of our cabins.