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Welcome to my art page. I have this fascination with pressure sensitive tablets. I have an older serial 8x6 Wacom tablet on which I did most of the pictures here. I got a new cheap 12x12 tablet that I haven't used much, mostly because my current computer room is cramped and is really cluttered. Recently, I got a convertable laptop. That is a laptop with a tablet screen.

I've played around with the laptop a little bit. Microsoft is really trying to push the whole TabletPC thing with its XP Tablet PC version and the Power Tools they make available are really pretty cool. One is an art program that works a lot like real painting. I've tried doing some painting with it, but I haven't had much creative enthusiasm lately and I don't really think I'm much of a painter. I decided I could modify stuff instead, to try to get back into the mood of things. So, I took a photo from the Detroit car show I went to a few years ago and took the smear tool and added some color in spots where I thought it needed it and smeared those in as well. Let me know what you think of it.

Here are my early experiments with a pressure sensitive tablet.


Splat -- Just for fun



Windy Days

Good Morning America


I've been doing pottery now for a few years. Here's something from my first semester, a couple pictures of my Honey Pot.

Here's a picture of pots I made during the winter term 2002.

Here's a picture of pots I made during the spring term 2003.

I'm afraid I've gotten a bit behind in posting pictures of my pots. Here are a few I've tossed that I'm pretty happy with. This trio of pots were all thrown about the same time, but glazed during different semesters. I gave this next one away to a very good friend of mine. It was well received. And finally these are the unglazed pots I keep at home that I like. I have more at the studio, but I ran out of room.

Here's three views of a pot I gave as a wedding present to a cousin. It took me awhile to figure out how I was going to glaze it. Then we got some neat slip type glazes in and I knew what I needed to to. I've also been working on using this matte black glaze with various other items as well.

I'm a lazy git, so I'm just going to put up any more pictures in a table. They're all links so you can just click on them to get a more detailed picture.